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Do you have a problem with ants? One of the most frequent issues affecting Lansing area, Michigan residents is the presence of these pests, which can be challenging to get rid of. Using the best indoor ant spray and traps doesn't imply that you've solved the issue, because they live in colonies of hundreds or thousands. Any ants you see could be a symptom of an infestation that you can't see. Call or text today at (517) 618-1908 to get your pest problem eradicated.

Ant infestation warning signs in Lansing, Michigan

You may already be fully aware of your ant issue. So here are a few typical warning flags of an ant infestation in the Lansing, Michigan area.

Large Mounds:
Huge mounds in the yard may be made of sand, dirt, or a rising layer of wholesome grass.
Ant trails:
In search of food, ants will travel great distances. You may notice a disappearance of the ant trails when their food source is no more.
Ant piles:
You can find them in sand, grass, or even in the crevices of brick or cement.

Ants in Lansing, Michigan

An extensive range of ant species can be found in Lansing, Michigan. In Lansing, odorous house ants, ghost ants, sweet ants, and carpenter ants are the most prevalent kinds of ants that you'll encounter in and around your home.

How they get in:
It's natural for them to want to get in through any openings or spaces that are unsealed. This includes window gaps, old weatherstripping, and wood cracks. Once inside, they look for moisture and food. You'll notice ants most frequently in your kitchen and bathroom because of this.
Are ants harmful?
While the majority of ants aren't a hazard to humans or property, carpenter ant infestations in Lansing can seriously affect window and door frames as well as the foundation of your house due to their ability to tunnel through wood. Some ant species create enormous mounds that can damage your lawn, while fire ants bite and sting.

Ant behavior is an interesting and challenging topic. Being social creatures, they collaborate to find food and take care of their young. Every colony has a variety of ants. Queens can fly and establish a new colony, thanks to their wings. They lay their wings down and mate once they arrive. Then they start producing their first active ants. The remainder of their lives are spent laying eggs to populate a colony.

Workers are female, wingless creatures that do not breed. Their duties include creating a nest, gathering food, and caring for the young.

Male ants can fly to a queen to mate with because they have wings. They live briefly because they die off after mating with the queen. An ant colony that makes your home its home should be swiftly dealt with because they can be very disruptive.

Helpful ant prevention tips: Moving wood or low-hanging tree branches away from your home, caulking crevices to stop entry, and routinely cleaning baseboards, cupboards, and countertops are all helpful ant avoidance measures.

How can I get rid of ants in Lansing, Michigan?

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Get service:
After performing a complete evaluation of your home or property, your specialist will provide you the most appropriate course of action.
Obtain a report:
You'll get a thorough account of the assistance rendered, along with practical suggestions for staying ant-free.
To make sure the ants don't return, we'll conduct routine follow-ups. Simply give us a call if you notice any activity from the ants, between what has been scheduled regularly. We'll return without charge!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ant Control in Lansing, Michigan:

Q: How can I deal with an ant infestation? Can I get rid of them on my own?
A: Using a professional pest control and ant extermination in Lansing, Michigan is the best way to permanently get rid of ants because we have all the necessary equipment and expertise. As you wait for the experts to come do their thing, vacuum often to remove anything that ants might use as food, such as food crumbs, sugar grains, hair follicles, or particles of skin.
Q: Why do ants keep returning to Lansing?
A: Ants can build satellite nests that gather food for the main colony, thus you must deal with them as soon as you notice them. The queen will be protected and unharmed in a different nest, and if the satellite nest is destroyed, the queen can have another one created in the same place. Pest Control Direct has the skills and resources required to offer and manage pests in Lansing in an efficient manner.
Q: What problems are carpenter ants known for?
A: Carpenter ants chisel wood and tunnels using their enormous claws. While not eating wood like termites do, carpenter ants can nonetheless seriously harm your house if you don't handle the situation as soon as you notice them.
Q: What kind of ants are the most hazardous?
A: Stinging ants. Some ants may sting painfully—almost like wasps. Among the stinging ants that are found in the United States are fire ants, harvester ants, and oak ants, all of which need to be controlled. Carpenter ants. Carpenter ants must be exterminated, considering that they can dig tunnels and galleries through almost any type of wood, causing serious damage to a building’s structure.
Q: Do ants have poison?
A: Some ants can sting you painfully, such as the aggressive imported fire ants (like the red imported fire ant). Those who are allergic to insect stings may experience major problems from the sting, which has frequently been compared to a wasp or bee sting.
Q: What distinguishes a carpenter ant from a standard ant?
A: The size is the primary distinction. Carpenter ant workers are roughly four times larger than the average ant in Lansing, which is around 1/8 inch long. Carpenter ants come in a wide range of hues, including pure black, orange, red and black, yellow, and solid red.